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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Out of This World

April 21st, 2008
Musical Theatre Guild at The Alex
Cole Porter Musical, we went with Rachel

(Damon Kirsche, Terri Bibb)

If you don't recognize this title, it's Cole Porter's comic-musical about a Hollywood starlet and her husband-to-be (Teri and Damon, above) who land in the middle of Jupiter's Court, and his amorous machinations and very randy family of gods and goddesses. This tongue-in-cheek movie-treatment of a musical was actually a lot of fun. Cole Porter's melodies and quirky lyrics provided an evening of silliness and unexpected surprises. And the performances had the audience laughing and clapping from start to finish.

For a concert-style performance, I have to say the actors' command of the show was very solid and natural. I barely noticed books in hand at all because the performances were so much fun.

(Eileen Barnett and Marsha Kramer)

I may not have gone to see this if not for knowing someone in it, as Cole Porter is not one of my favorites. But I'm so glad I did, because I actually liked the story and had a great time! I'd see it again. The voices were all stellar (esp. Teri Bibb's soaringly lovely soprano and Richard Israel's very entertaining performance as Mercury).

We were all surprised by some very contemporary spins on a love triangle (much laughter), and howled at the actors' deft deliveries of Hollywood puns, zingers and cliches-come-to-life. The comedy and plot had a very Doris Day/Rock Hudson feel to it, complete with chase scenes, infidelity and mistaken identities.

(Richard Israel and a Bevy of Beauties)

The production design and costumes managed to evoke both Hollywood of the 50's and The Gods of Mt. Olympus. It's pretty much one of those musicals where everyone gets their moment to shine. A solid evening of professional theatre, spilling over with laughs and lovely voices.

Starring : Teri Bibb (Helen Vance), Richard Israel (Mercury), Marsha Kramer (Juno), Damon Kirsche (Art O'Malley), David Holmes (Jupiter), Melissa Fahn (Venus), Jill Townsend (Chloe), Eileen Barnett (Isadora St. John), Kevin McMahon (Apollo), Kami Seymour (Diana), Sam Zeller (Mars), Jennifer Gordon (Minerva), Erica Whalen (Night) and Quinn Van Antwerp (Bacchus).



Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like you had a great time, Shephard. I've had Season Tickets to MTG since it's inception, and though I can no longer go myself, I keep up the support of this WONDERFUL group by continuing my subscription. I give my tickets to friends each time and Mark & Dianne Travis went and they LOVED it. He is a fantastic Director and she is a WONDERFUL Actress.....My seats are right next to Betty's...
The shows are consistantly marvelous. This is a very talented group of people. I know so many of the members---Kevin McMahon and Marsha Kramer are both old friends...! I know you have lots of Season Tickets to different theatres here Shephard...You might consider adding this group, especially since you know Teri and you had such a great time!
It is a great group that deserves support.

9:33 AM  

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